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I-Line Panels

A circuit breaker is essential to any electrical unit; it houses all of the switches and controls the power for a building. AC Electrical Rental offers our customers the leading breakers, at an affordable cost. We know the importance of the circuit breaker, which is why we only carry the finest brands and types.

With a vast selection and unbeatable prices, AC Electrical Rental offers a variety of I-Line breakers and breaker panels throughout Houston, Texas and the surrounding states. We carry both 15 Amp breakers and 1200 Amp breakers.

Our customers never worry about any maintenance, as we check our systems before we ship them, and representatives are always available to answer questions. If you are in need of an I-Line breaker, breaker panels, 15 Amp breakers or 1200 Amp breakers, contact us today.

I-Line Panels 1700-3000

I-Line Panels 1200-1600

I-Line Panels 625-1000

I-Line Panels 100-600

For more information about our industrial I-Line panel rentals, please contact us today.

Power Rental Equipment

We offer an assortment of electrical rental equipment, including transfer switches and electrical distribution panels, to our valued customers.

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