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Manual Transfer Switch

For 40 years, AC Electric Rental & Sales has been offering an assortment of power equipment rentals in Texas including manual transfer switches and transformers.

Our manual transfer switches provide insurance in case of a power outage, blackout or storm. If one of these ordeals occurs, you can decide which sectors to run by flipping the correct switches. There are three types of switches to choose from. If you’re unsure about which one will work best, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the correct switches for your panel.

We understand purchasing this expensive equipment can be burdensome to your bank account, which is why we offer terrific rental pricing and options. Rather than worrying about maintenance issues created by purchasing your own equipment, renting our manual transfer switches and transformers will ensure your equipment is working correctly and efficiently.

ATS 1600-3000

For more information about our industrial manual transfer switch rentals, please contact us today.

Power Rental Equipment

We offer an assortment of electrical rental equipment, including transfer switches and electrical distribution panels, to our valued customers.

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